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A series taken last week week.  This guy had consumed way too much caffeine!!!!




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“Your images must be perfectly clear, properly exposed and have pin sharp focusing, if they’re not, throw them out.”  This advice was given me by another wedding photographer when I first started shooting weddings.  Probably good advice, but like a lot of the good advice I’ve been given over the years, I chose to ignore it.

So I thought over the next couple of weeks I’d do a few posts on some of my favorite ‘shouldn’t have made the grade’ wedding shots and to prove a point I only picked photos that had chosen by the clients for inclusion in their wedding packages and albums.  More often than not the shots weren’t planned and were often the result of a grab shot or an outright mistake.

Probably my favorite.  I had been shooting outside and had walked back into the house to find the bride and bridesmaid frantically trying to sort out a dress malfunction.  This shot was literally shot from the hip and as soon as I had depressed the button I realized I hadn’t adjusted exposure settings or turned the flash back.  Subsequent shots showed all the details but this one captured the frenzied activity and emotion of the moment.




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I love cold, rainy days, it’s a great excuse to sit in front of the computer and catch up on some editing and other bits and bobs without feeling guilty.  And for those of you in far off places, when I say cold we’re talking 18C° and yep I have a jumper on….all things are relevant.

Anyway I just finished editing some more seal photos and thought I’d go through the process I used on one of the photos for those of you that are interested.

the starting point…..

Shot in RAW;  ISO 320;  f5;  1/250sec

  • In Photoshop Camera Raw I removed the magenta tint which had resulted from the use of a polarising filter and also slightly reduced the colour temperature. 
  • PT Lens plugin was used to correct the lens distortion (evident in the curved horizon)
  • The horizon was then straightened (I so hate a crooked horizon)
  • The image was then cropped to remove the vignette effect caused by the polarizing filter
  • The background layer was then duplicated and the blend mode changed to ‘multiple’.  I then used a layer mask to reduce the duplicated layer effect to the parts of the image which had become too dark eg the seals
  • The saturation was increased to bring out more colour in the clouds and the vegetation on the island and was partially masked on the water and seals.
  • The contrast was increased slightly
  • Finally I applied a ‘Freaky Details’ action (going to do a post soon on that little gem)

and the final result…..

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Brides on Bikes






















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Our son served three tours in the Gulf and it was a privilage for us to stand beside him at the dawn service today.  

The ANZAC tradition may have started on the bloody shores of Gallipoli but it is being proudly and faithfully upheld by each new generation of service men and women.

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Dawn 25th April 2012; Perth WA


With their hair a little whiter, their step not quite so sure
Still they march on proudly, as they did the year before.
Theirs were the hands that saved us, their courage showed the way
Their lives they laid down for us, that we may live today.

From Gallipoli’s rugged hillsides, to the sands of Alamein
On rolling seas and in the skies, those memories will remain.
Of airmen and the sailors, of Lone Pine and Suvla Bay
The boys of the Dardenelles are remembered on this day.

They fought their way through jungles, their blood soaked desert sands
They still remember comrades, who rest in foreign lands.
They remember the siege of old Tobruk, the mud of the Kokoda Trail
Some paying the supreme sacrifice, with courage that did not fail.
To the icy land of Korea, the steamy jungles of Vietnam
And the heroic battle of Kapyong and that epic victory at Long Tan.

Fathers, sons and brothers, together they fought and died
That we may live in peace together, while at home their mothers cried.
When that final bugle calls them to cross that great divide
Those comrades will be waiting when they reach the other side.

Ken Bunker


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As a follow on to yesterdays post, here’s another photo in the series I took from a slightly different view point but processed in the same way.

One trick I have found really helpful when editing landscapes is to make a duplicate layer and then change the blend mode from normal to multiple.  It’s a great way of increasing saturation especially in lighter areas such as the sky.

The Original

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