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How could you not love those big brown eyes.

More photos at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.213885718731812.45600.101093903344328&type=1 for those that are interested.


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I bought a new DICAPAC waterproof bag for my DSLR a while ago and decided to share my thoughts on it. 

Now I’ve never been able to justify buying a proper waterproof housing for my camera.  Actually that’s not quite true.  I’ve never been able to justify buying a proper waterproof housing for my camera to my wife.  So I decided to try a cheaper alternative and that’s what the DICAPAC offers at about $110.

The first time I tried it, well, let’s just say the outcome was less than successful, got some great photos but killed the camera.  My own fault, I had read a review that said “….don’t screw the lens cap on too tight or you’ll have trouble getting it off.”  I took heed of this comment and promptly drowned the camera.  Of course if I had had half a brain I would have done a couple of test runs before I stuck a camera in it and avoided the whole sorry incident.  After that the bag was vanquished to the bottom of the cupboard to think about what it had done. 

Last week I went snorkelling with the seals again in stunningly clear water and decided I had to give the DICAPAC another chance.  This time I tested it thoroughly (using the now defunct camera) before committing another camera to its fate and it passed with flying colours.

I set the camera set on Program mode, ISO 320, auto focus and used a wide angle lens so that the focus wasn’t as critical.

I also checked and rechecked the seals and used plumbers tape on the lens screw.  Oh and I did that sucker up as hard as I could!

What I liked

  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s not camera specific like waterproof housings are so you can put different cameras into it.
  • There is not a great loss of photo quality through the extra glass.

Things to consider

  • It is what it is, a cheap alternative to waterproof housing.
  • There is no easy way to adjust the controls or focus once the camera is in the bag
  • You have to take the lens off the camera before the camera is put in the bag and then reattached the lens through the lens slot.  So once you’re out in the elements or the bag is wet, there is no way to take the camera out of the bag without removing the lens.  This is probably the biggest issue for me because it means you can’t decide to take a couple of photos in the water and then rip the camera out and use it normally.
  • If the lens isn’t centred up against the glass then the lens cover/tube can intrude onto the photo.  I used a wide angle with a 77mm diameter and it wasn’t much of an issue but using a smaller lens it would be something you would have to watch.

All in all I’m really happy with it and found it great for what I want to use it for.  So if you occasionally find the need to waterproof your camera but you don’t want to spend a fortune maybe the DICAPAC will fit the bill.

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These couple of grab shots from a recent trip are straight out of the camera and probably won’t make the cut (there’ll be better days with better light), but I thought they were a good example of the benefits of using a polarising filter to bring out detail that would otherwise be hidden by the glare off the water.




Did you know Polarizing Filters:

  • have maximum affect when they are at 90° to the sun and loses their affect as you swing them towards or away from the sun
  • cut down the amount of light entering your lens and can drop your exposure by 2 or 3 stops
  • don’t work on metal surfaces
  • work brilliantly on vegetation especially in rainforests



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Blurred images, high noise levels and poor lighting.  As photos go they don’t much worse than this from a technical viewpoint.  So what was the brides comment when she saw these photos?   “OMG do you remember how late we were!” 




We’re there to capture memories not take photos.

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The trouble with daybreak is it occurs at such a god forsaken hour of the morning.  If it happened at a more reasonable time I would be more inclined to drag my lazy butt out of my, oh so warm and comfortable bed more often.  Of course, when I do make the effort I’m always glad that I did.

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