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This photo was taken last week and I thought it was a great example to use to show how the eye subconsciously leads us into a picture.

Try a technique I use a lot when out taking a photos or editing if I’m not sure of a shot.  Look at the photo above and then close your eyes, don’t think about the photo and then open your eyes and try and remember what the first thing you looked at was and where did you look next?

In this shot I look at the car first and then, because it was facing right, my eyes followed its path of travel to the right and into the pit.  Now that old beasty hasn’t moved in 50 years and isn’t likely to move in the next 50 but instinctively you look where it’s pointing.  What this means is all that flat land on the left hand side of the photo is dead space and you only look at it as an afterthought.

Now even if we spun the car around to face left I think we would still have a problem because the line of travel of the car would tend to lead your eye to the left, BUT, that intriguing black space on the right would also demand attention.  The result – our mind gets confused because it doesn’t know where it’s supposed to be looking.

In the second photo I’ve cropped the image so as to place the car at the lower left third (remember the rule of thirds) of the photo.  The car is still the first point of focus but then your eye is lead into the pit without the distraction of all that dead space on the left making for a more balance photo.

Having said all that, I actually don’t mind the top photo, maybe that’s just me.  What do you think?

Until next time.

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Saw this the other week walking through Perth. 

Just looked like a kids photo from the end of the street, it was only as I got closer that its true brillance was revealed.


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Have to love wildflower season in WA even the seaweed looks its colourful best.

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This 25m long numbat was painted on a wall in Fremantle an enigmatic Belgian-born street artist known only as ROA.  He’s earned international acclaim for his animal-themed murals and his creations grace public spaces all over the world including Berlin and New York.

Apparently he chose the numbat because it was an endangered species and he thinks people who live in cities forget about their natural environment.  He’s probably right.

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The Storm

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