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Early last week I witnessed one of the best electrical storms I’ve seen for years.  Now storms aren’t uncommon up where I work but they usually come and go pretty quickly.  This one didn’t and as it stayed on and got more intense I started to kick myself for not going out and finding a better vantage point to get some photos.  It wasn’t until I uploaded the photos that I realised just how intense it had been and probably how lucky it was that I hadn’t ventured out.  Each of the 40 odd photos (20 sec exposure) I took from this spot (before ducking for cover) had at least 2 lightning strikes in it and this scene was being repeated in a 270 degree arc around me.

In future I intend to be more prepared.  Find a spot, set up the camera on a tripod with a timer and then get the hell outta Dodge and come back when it’s all over.






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I can’t believe it, my ‘To Edit’ folder is empty.  After 3 days of being cooped up indoors by atrocious weather I managed to edit all 900 odd photos that have been sitting in there since forever.  Of course the weather is supposed to be improving so I’ll no doubt go out tomorrow and fill it up again 🙂

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Maybe I have a bit of a voyeuristic nature but I love to carry my little sony NEX in my hand by my side and just randomly press the shutter as I walk.  You never know what you’ve got until you download the shots onto the computer.  Usually it a whole lot of rubbish but occasionally you snag a keeper.

Now it’s not often I really like one of my own shots but I love this one.  It was taken as we lined up to check in for our flight home and to me it optimises the fly in, fly out lifestyle….. the airports all just blur in to one until they disappear and all you see is just another queue for another flight.

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Busselton Jetty is one of those icon places that has been photographed a million times from every possible angle and in all sorts of weather, so trying to think of how to get a different shot is pretty challenging.  I was kind of hoping to find a UFO with lots of colourful flashing lights hovering over it or maybe pod of performing humpback whales leaping from one side to the other but alas it wasn’t to be.

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Forget your upmarket camera stores, for the largest display of camera and photographic equipment in the south west of WA head to Sugarloaf Rock on a Saturday evening.  Despite the wind and cold the afternoon this was taken it was standing room only with photographers perched on every vantage point.

Now maybe I’m just a bad person, but there were a couple of times when I looked at other photographers and their top of the range, mouth-watering gear and found myself thinking “I could have gear like that, if I can just work out how to dispose of the body………”

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This great shot of an old jellopy was taken by my talented wife on a recent girls weekend away using an old Panasonic Lumic ‘point and shoot’.  Goes to prove it’s the photographer not the camera that gets the photo.

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Anyone who has followed my posts for a while will no doubt be aware that I’m quite partial to random, happy ‘stuff’.  Well a couple of weeks ago (yer it’s taken me that long to get around to editing the photos) we visited Gnomesville, a most wonderfully colourful and happy little town in the Ferguson Valley a couple of hours south of Perth.  With a population of several thousand (and growing steadily) it boasts several bars, an airport, sports fields and even a detention centre for errant gnomes.

What’s even better is no-one really knows how it happened.  The council was building a roundabout at the intersection a number of years ago and a gnome appeared, some say it was a disgruntled local, others say it was a council worker with a sense of humour anyway guess it doesn’t really matter.  Well one gnome became two and then three and the population boomed.  Apparently it wasn’t long and they had outgrown the roundabout and the council had to relocate them to the adjacent bushland.

In 2007 some maniac with a golf club decimated their population in what has become knowmn as the Great Gnome Massacre but since then they have bounced back, rebuilt and continue to prosper.

It’s a magical place straight out of a fairytale, it lifts your spirits and you find yourself walking around smiling and laughing for no reason whatsoever.


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