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Osbourne Proms 013

An hour to go til 2013 and I have to admit I’m struggling.  It’s been 2 weeks of 14 hours days and a 3:30am start but I haven’t missed seeing a New Year in in over 35 years so I’m sure as hell not going to start this year.

I wish everyone has a fabulous New Year and that 2013 is an absolute pearler for you all.  Thank you for all those who have followed the blog, which coincidently has just had it’s first birthday.  I am truely humbled that in that time it has had nearly 11,000 hits, if you had told me that 12 months ago I would have laughed in your face, so I thank you all and I look forward to seeing what the coming year has to bring

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off for a cold shower and another coffee – I will see midnight, I will see midnight, I will see…….


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Notice is served

Dear Computer

The photograph below is of an abandoned mine shaft not 10 minutes’ drive from where I sit at this very moment.  It’s very lonely, very dark and very, very deep.

Mt Magnet, Western Australia

I am show this to you because after your progressively worsening performance of the last several months and in particular your absolutely abhorrent behavior over the past several days I have decided that my last act before flying out at the end of this swing will be to drive there and toss you down the bloody thing.

You have no-one to blame but yourself, you have sabotaged every attempt I have made in the past 3 days to upload posts or to view the posts of others and at what point did you think taking 15 minutes to open 1 email would be acceptable, especially as when you finally opened it, you seized up and had to be rebooted, again.  But the final nail in your coffin was the replies fiasco.  With immeasurable patience I sat for 2 hours last night and managed to answer 2 of the comments left on my blog as well as leave several comments on my friend’s blogs, this morning being suspicious of your behavior I checked and found that you had not sent one single reply through.

In the face of such incompetence I would like to take opportunity to apologise to all those who have visited my blog or left messages for not getting back to you.  I shall preserve and continue to try to do so but it is quite possible that this may not happen until such time as I get back to civilization in a few weeks and acquire a new computer, one that actually works.

Until then I would like to thank all of you who have visted my blog over the past year as well as all those selfless people out there who have provided such inspiration through your psots.  I would like to wish you all the very best Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Now, you soon to be debris at the bottom of a shaft, let’s see how many attempts it will take you to upload this.

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There’s no shortage of stormy skies at the moment around where I work.  This was taken just on sunset about a week ago


In the post processing I increased the levels around the hut, desaturated the sky to get rid of the blue hue in the clouds and pumped up the reds in the stonework of the hut.  I also overlaid a high contrast B&W layer and masked the hut so as to bring out the white just in the clouds.  Vignetting finished off the final result.




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_DSC0565So I’m photographing the little metal people who live out on Lake Ballard and I’m raking my brain trying to come up with something a bit different.

I’ve shot them at night, at dawn, from the side, from the front, from below, I’ve even held the camera up and shot them looking down, but I still wasn’t happy.

It would be good to get a really high vantage point and see what looked liked but the hill was too far away, I didn’t have a ladder and there sure wasn’t any trees around to climb.

So there I stood, in the middle of the lake, leaning on my tripod contemplating how I could get a higher vantage point.  Just me and my tripod, my 2 meter high when fully extended tripod.

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve wanted a high vantage point but haven’t had one readily available, but it was the first time in 30 years that it occurred to me to stick the camera on the tripod hit the 10 second delay and hold the tripod in the air.  The result……


Now it’s not a great photo but that’s not the point, I just couldn’t believe it had never occurred to me before.

The flood gates opened I thought of all those times when I really wanted to get closer or higher but wasn’t game.  Snakes, bull sea lions on the beach, cliff edges the list went on and in every case discretion had been the finer point of valour.  But with the camera on the end of a tripod I could have literally stuck the camera in this Tiger snakes face without putting myself in harms way. Tiger Snake, Cape Peron, Rockingham, Western Australia

OK the process is a bit hit and miss in reagards to getting the composition and focus right but not knowing what you’re going to get is just as exciting and what about the opportunities it opens up, imagine photographing feeding pelicans from water level rather than from the jetty above.

So next time you want a different point of view don’t wait 30 years like I did to realise that your tripod can be used for more than just steadying your camera

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Taken on a recent trip through the Northern Goldfields


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The storm cometh


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