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Mt Magnet

So what’s it mean?  Sorry, I have absolutely no idea, but someone had gone to a lot of effort to paint it, so I thought the least I could do was capture it before it fades away forever.



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IBT 2012-10_331Unfortunately for the once prosperous town of Gwalia the lights were turned out a long time ago, though unlike most of the ghost towns in the Northern Goldfields there has been a major conservation effort and many of the old miner’s cottages have been preserved.

IBT 2012-10_386

And what lovely little cottages they are to.  I couldn’t think of anything nicer than sitting under a corrugated iron on a blistering summer’s day looking out through swarms of flys at the red, dusty nothingness beyond that let you know, in no uncertain terms, that you really have made it to the middle of nowhere.

IBT 2012-10_376

Of course, if slowly going insane from the incessant heat while melting under a hot tin roof isn’t your cup of tea perhaps you might prefer to ‘winter’ in beautiful Gwalia.  No flys, nice cool breezes (some might say artic gales) blowing through every little hole and crack in the walls and the gentle sound of rain on the corrugated iron (or is that a dozen drunken Irish dancers rehearsing up there).

IBT 2012-10_384

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Our hopes of a spectacular sunrise were dashed by low cloud but the serenity of the temple and lake early in the morning before the hoards of tourists descended was worth the 3:30 start.


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For the first time in 3 months I had nothing to do on my days off.  And I don’t mean that in a bad “OMG I’m so bored, there’s nothing to do” kind of way but in more of a “Yippee! I’ve got nothing I have to be doing so I can do what I want” kind of way.

With the weather at its best, a daily bike ride around the Safety Bay foreshore was must.




Then there was time for a couple of paddles over to see how the sea lions were fairing but they really weren’t interested in being sociable. My guess is that after 6 weeks of daily visits from all manner of folk they’re just plain ‘school holidayed’ out.




Penguin Island was looking like a jewel in aqua sea but the penguins, who are coming to the end of their moulting period, looked very miserable and were likewise ill-disposed to the companionship of outsiders




If the sea lions and penguins weren’t interested in company at least one of the local dolphins was and came for a visit.


In amongst the riding and the paddling and the snorkelling and the swimming I managed to edit 1500 photos (my back log is now down to only 2500) and catch up on all my emails.  I also had a chance to buy a long overdue new laptop so hopefully my internet woes while I’m away will be a thing of the past.  It also means that the demise of my old notebook down a very deep, dark mine shaft is close at hand xxxxxx

And what better way to top off a great few days than a picnic on the beach at Coogee enjoying the Australia Day fireworks over Fremantle.


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and I go from this


to this…..


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