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_DSC0270Thought I’d like to give Ocean Park and the great crew that run it a plug. Only a short drive out of Denham and overlooking Shark Bay it’s a great spot to spend a few hours.

Now if you’re looking for the slickness of SeaWorld with its acres of exhibits, extravagant shows and an Adventureland playground complete with pirate ships and forts you’ll be bitterly disappointed.

Ocean Park is to Sea World what the Tiger Moth is to the 747. It’s small, it’s devoid of glitz and it’s all the better because of it. The tours are small and personal and the guides are extremely knowledgeable with boundless enthusiasm for all things marine (which shouldn’t surprise me, some of them looked like they should still be in school, damn I must be getting old)

Even if the aquarium and tour isn’t to your cup of tea, sitting on the café deck, which overlooks the bay, and watching the passing parade of turtles, stingrays and the occasional shark cruising the shallows while sipping on a coffee or enjoying a sumptuous lunch is pretty hard to beat.


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Take a full moon and a tripod add a dash of pen torch and let cook at 8 minute on ISO 100

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