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Travel with Intent

Today I discovered a new website to inspire my travels.  Michael Hodson imparts tales about his travels around the world in well written articles with great photos.  I want to share with you the following article which contains tips on travel photography.  Well, any photography, really.

Reblogged from Top Photographers Answer, “What Makes a Good Photograph?” at Go See Write.

What makes a good photograph? Why do some photos succeed while others fail? I often look in awe at other photographers’ images from the places I’ve been and think, “how did they see that?”

I went out into the online world in search of answers. How did they see that, and can you and I see it too?


I asked some my favorite photographers one question,

“What is the most important element of a good photograph?”

The format was completely open ended; the photographers were free to include…

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and the bickering has begun


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F11 Magazine, free and easy

Not too often you get something this good for nothing

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Play Me Baby

Nice to see a sign that doesn’t say “Don’t”

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