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I’ve seen all the documentaries about how animals can find their offspring in the masses, well when it comes to terns it’s bollocks!!! This guy is a prime example, turned up at the nesting site with a “I’ve got a chick around here somewhere” look on his face, roamed around for an few minutes, couldn’t find his partner or his chick and then flew off. He was back a few minutes later but had no more success than he did the first time 😦 And he wasn’t the only one, I watched one fly around for 20 minutes trying to find his nest.



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There’s been a few new additions to Penguin Island



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Spent the morning snorkelling with the most amazingly friendly sealion at Shoalwater Island Marine Park an hour south of Perth WA.




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Lest we forget

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Martin Luther King, Jr.

07 Arromanches les Bains  038

ANZAC Dawn Service Perth 2012 006

06 American War Cemetary 017

01 Bayeux 034

ANZAC Dawn Service Perth 2012 010<

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while grounded firmly in Western Australia




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_LBT0620Penguin Island WA, paradise on my doorstep

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