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I think as photographers, we take ourselves a little too serious at times and get too tied up in making sure we have the correct focus and the right ISO and that everything is sharp and that the histogram looks good and on and on and on it goes.

Well yesterday I had the opportunity to photography some emergency training and I decided to forget all the rules and just play around and have some fun. It was a “wonder what happens if I do this” kinda’ day.

OK I took a lot of photos and I can’t say I got any real stunners but that wasn’t the point. It was fun and it was nice to shake things up a bit. So next time you get the chance, let your hair down and have some fun 🙂


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Just got back from a trip to Kangaroo Island of South Australia. What an amazing place. Only had 3 days there before we moved on but can’t wait to go back.
Now I just have to find the time to edit all the photos

_DSC1643a Panorama



_DSC1992 Panorama

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A few weeks ago I photographed this adorably cute ball of fluff stretching it’s wings.
Penguin Island 830
Well that ball of fluff is now an obnoxious, loud, demanding teenager with attitude… some things are the same no matter what the species 😦

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It’s been a few years since I’ve done any portraits and I never felt I was really that good at them. Back then it was a case of giving the client what they wanted, all squeaky clean, nicely posed and looking lovely. Lately I’ve had a hankering to get back into doing some more portrait work but this time it’s just going to be for me.

So I’ll hopefully be posting a few portraits over the coming months and I would love to hear what you think, good or bad. But most importantly I really want to know if the photos tell a story for you?

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The afternoon breezers make Shoalwater the perfect place for the Kite Surfers to go through their paces





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