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If the walls of this old miner’s hut could talk I bet they’d have some tales to tell.






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Spent a pleasant couple of hours exploring the Busselton Jetty underwater observatory down near Margaret River in SW Western Australia.  It was hard to tell who was watching who a lot of the time













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Here’s a photo I took the other day, so what’s different about it?


Well here’s a clue, these 2 photos were taken at the same time




Yep, all 3 were taken in the middle of the night, all were 4 minute exposures. After I uploaded it I had to wonder why I dragged myself out in the middle of the night.

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_DSC3891OK someone really needs to explain the ’10 meter’ rules to these guys

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_DSC1605 Panorama

_DSC2015 Panorama




_DSC2219 Panorama


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