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What better way to spend a Friday night than roaming around Fremantle and it’s markets.
















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With perfect weather and calm seas I took the opportunity to paddle over to Second Rock. It’s on the edge of the shoals and except for the calmest days it’s impossible to get through the swell over the surrounding reef and it’s usually awash. Got to spent the afternoon on my very own island compete with a visit from a pod of dolphins.

_EBT1330 Panoramaa








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_IBT1117 Panorambb

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Thought I’d share a couple of eMagazines I’ve come across recently. They’re free to download which is always a bonus, have some interesting articles and great photos. I work away and spend a lot of time travelling so I’ve started to transition to eMagazines instead of hardcopies purely for convenience.



When I first looked at POSI+TIVE I wasn’t impressed, really not my style but the more I studied some of the photos the more I liked it, mostly because it wasn’t my style and it’s always good to challenge yourself and your ideas.









Great wildlife photography, bit too good at times made me think “Why do I bother” šŸ˜›




Put out in New Zealand, lots of good articles and some great profiles


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Went for a walk around Point Peron the other afternoon, when the weathers nice it’s great but when the weathers nasty it’s better

_IBT0806 Panorama

_IBT0745 Panorama

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Spent a week in Singapore recently, has to be one of my favourite cities, clean, safe and a photographic dream


Marina Sands and Marina Bay 089


Marina Sands and Marina Bay 069

Marina Sands and Marina Bay 063

Marina Sands and Marina Bay 056

Marina Sands and Marina Bay 053

Marina Sands and Marina Bay 045

Marina Sands and Marina Bay 044







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_IBT0315 Panoramaaa

The remainsĀ of the old gun batteries at Cape Peron that formed part of the coastal defences for the Port of Fremantle during WWII

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