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Mt Magnet goldfields tonight. When the night sky looks like this it’d be criminal to spend the precious few hours of free time sitting in a small donger watching TV.

_EBT2336 Panorama


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With perfect weather and calm seas I took the opportunity to paddle over to Second Rock. It’s on the edge of the shoals and except for the calmest days it’s impossible to get through the swell over the surrounding reef and it’s usually awash. Got to spent the afternoon on my very own island compete with a visit from a pod of dolphins.

_EBT1330 Panoramaa








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_IBT1117 Panorambb

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pinnicles 002

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I call it ‘The Silhouette’!

Apparently this type of photo used to be very popular back in the dark ages before the advent of the digital cameras and Photoshop.  Back in a time when no-one had ever heard the terms HDR or exposure blending.  Back when you only had two choices, expose for the sunset or expose for the foreground.

This startling discovery was made recently while I was taking a series of shots of an old shed.  I was fully intending to blend the photos together but when I saw the shot I had exposed for the sunset, I really liked its simplicity and that was that, I didn’t bother going any further with it.

Who’d have thought with all this technology and I’m back to taking the type of photos I took 30 years ago?

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Most people are aware of the ‘Angel of the North’ designed by artist Antony Gormley, which is located in Gateshead in the Northeast of England,

but he also has one of his works here in WA at Lake Ballard.  Now Lake Ballard is 50klms from the town of Menzies which is, well, a long way from anywhere.

The ‘Inside Australia’ exhibition was installed in 2003 as part of the 50th anniversary of the Perth International Arts Festival and the 51 figures which are spread over 10 square kilometers were supposed to have been temporary but they must have liked the place because they just kinda stayed on.     

Why he chose such a remote location is anyones guess, but it a pretty cool spot to spend a day or two.

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