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What else explains why we are be prepared to drag ourselves out of a nice warm bed on a cold morning with an absolute conviction that the sunrise is going to be stunning or has us sitting for hours waiting for that special shot?  Notice I say waiting, not hoping, hoping would imply the shot may not occur but waiting, well that says it is going to happen we’re just not sure when.

This euphony came to me after I had been sitting on a rather uncomfortable rock for over two hour looking at an overcast sky and waiting for the sun god Rah to bless me with but a glimpse of his fiery chariot before he headed off to the underworld for the night.

It wasn’t looking good and I seriously thought about packing it in early and heading back to the car but then, as is often the case, just as the sun hit the horizon the clouds parted and for a few brief moments the world was bathed in the most wonderfully warm light.

I paused just long enough to tell myself smugly “I told you so” before diving for the shutter release.





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Random stuff makes me smile!  It usually serves no useful purpose other than brightening up the world and I think the world could do with a bit more of it.

I’m miles from anywhere driving down a lonely country road next to a large salt lake in the middle of nowhere, off in the distance, way off, I can see something out on the lake.  Curiosity gets the better of me and I pull over for a better look, even with binoculars I can’t make it out through the shimmering heat haze so off I head across the lake. 

In the middle of this salt lake, in the middle of nowhere, I find …… a telephone booth.  How awesome is that! and who thinks like that?  Who drive past a salt lake and thinks “What that lake needs is a phone booth” and then gets one from who knows where and drags it out into the middle of a lake.  It had me smiling all morning.



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The trouble with road trips is that you always run out of time before you run out of road. 


2500 klms, 4000 photos, a tyre, a windscreen, sleeping in the dirt, bathing in a bucket, plagued by flies and can’t wait to do it all again 🙂  


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Take a ratty old 4WD, add a swag, a good dash of camera gear, season with a couple of bottles of nice port and allow to simmer for 6 days.  There you have it!  The recipe for the perfect road trip.

….and like all good road trips it has been meticulously planned with a starting point at Mt Magnet in the Northern Goldfields and a destination, Rockingham, just south of Perth by Sunday.  Now all I have to do is join the dots “Woohoo!!”   See you all in a week.

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Well folks it’s been a huge week and I’ve no time to dedicate to the blog, I haven’t answered a comment, scheduled a post or visited another blog.  I’m about to add a couple of posts today but after that the coming week is going to be pretty much more of the same.  Hopefully normal service and some new great photos (fingers crossed) will be up after that.

Until next time

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The weather here of late has been a little ordinary to say the least.  Windy, rainy and cold.  Still no excuse not to get out with the camera.

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