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Not a great shot but I thought it was a good example of the benefits of fill flash. It was taken at the Cube House in Rotterdam late in the afternoon.


I took this shot but it had very little detail in the shadows. I could have increased the exposure but that would have blown out the sky so I popped the on-camera flash


A lot more detail where the shadows had been and still have colour and detail in the sky


After I added some saturation in photoshop.


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During the day the plant looks just plain dusty and dirty, but at photographed at night it can take on a bit of a fairy tale look. (and to all the puritan’s out there, yes I’m a bad person, I added the Milky Way in the post processing)



_EBT3657 copy



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Here’s a photo I took the other day, so what’s different about it?


Well here’s a clue, these 2 photos were taken at the same time




Yep, all 3 were taken in the middle of the night, all were 4 minute exposures. After I uploaded it I had to wonder why I dragged myself out in the middle of the night.

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I think as photographers, we take ourselves a little too serious at times and get too tied up in making sure we have the correct focus and the right ISO and that everything is sharp and that the histogram looks good and on and on and on it goes.

Well yesterday I had the opportunity to photography some emergency training and I decided to forget all the rules and just play around and have some fun. It was a “wonder what happens if I do this” kinda’ day.

OK I took a lot of photos and I can’t say I got any real stunners but that wasn’t the point. It was fun and it was nice to shake things up a bit. So next time you get the chance, let your hair down and have some fun 🙂

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The weather for the last few days has been nothing short of stunning, so, with not a cloud in the sky and a huge full moon I decided to risk leaving my baby out all night by herself.

Having learnt from my last debacle (see https://ianbeattiephotography.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/a-cheapskates-guide-to-protecting-your-camera/) I was extra careful not to make any more stupid mistakes and in the morning I was rewarded with a couple of keepers.


This one’s 2 exposures, one for the truck, one for the sky, merged in photoshop.


This one’s 190 x 2 minute exposures, f7.1 at ISO800 and then stacked using StarStaX.  I hadn’t realised just how bright the full moon was so the original photos were actually quite overexposed.

Tonight I’ve put the camera out again but this time I’m only using an ISO 320, 1 minute exposures and f5 to see if it makes a difference to the star trail so stay tuned.

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There’s no shortage of stormy skies at the moment around where I work.  This was taken just on sunset about a week ago


In the post processing I increased the levels around the hut, desaturated the sky to get rid of the blue hue in the clouds and pumped up the reds in the stonework of the hut.  I also overlaid a high contrast B&W layer and masked the hut so as to bring out the white just in the clouds.  Vignetting finished off the final result.




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