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It’s been a few years since I’ve done any portraits and I never felt I was really that good at them. Back then it was a case of giving the client what they wanted, all squeaky clean, nicely posed and looking lovely. Lately I’ve had a hankering to get back into doing some more portrait work but this time it’s just going to be for me.

So I’ll hopefully be posting a few portraits over the coming months and I would love to hear what you think, good or bad. But most importantly I really want to know if the photos tell a story for you?

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Spent a couple of days up around the Pinnacles north of Perth and a couple of guys from the WWII Forces WA club  asked me to get some photos of them in amongst the dunes of Cervantes, I mean North Africa.


It was a lot of fun and something a little different.  Hopefully next time we’ll have more time and a few more subjects.  If you’re interested check out their website at http://www.ww2forceswa.com/


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Some amazing photography.

Jody MacDonald

Jody MacDonald


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Maybe I have a bit of a voyeuristic nature but I love to carry my little sony NEX in my hand by my side and just randomly press the shutter as I walk.  You never know what you’ve got until you download the shots onto the computer.  Usually it a whole lot of rubbish but occasionally you snag a keeper.

Now it’s not often I really like one of my own shots but I love this one.  It was taken as we lined up to check in for our flight home and to me it optimises the fly in, fly out lifestyle….. the airports all just blur in to one until they disappear and all you see is just another queue for another flight.

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Anyone who has followed my posts for a while will no doubt be aware that I’m quite partial to random, happy ‘stuff’.  Well a couple of weeks ago (yer it’s taken me that long to get around to editing the photos) we visited Gnomesville, a most wonderfully colourful and happy little town in the Ferguson Valley a couple of hours south of Perth.  With a population of several thousand (and growing steadily) it boasts several bars, an airport, sports fields and even a detention centre for errant gnomes.

What’s even better is no-one really knows how it happened.  The council was building a roundabout at the intersection a number of years ago and a gnome appeared, some say it was a disgruntled local, others say it was a council worker with a sense of humour anyway guess it doesn’t really matter.  Well one gnome became two and then three and the population boomed.  Apparently it wasn’t long and they had outgrown the roundabout and the council had to relocate them to the adjacent bushland.

In 2007 some maniac with a golf club decimated their population in what has become knowmn as the Great Gnome Massacre but since then they have bounced back, rebuilt and continue to prosper.

It’s a magical place straight out of a fairytale, it lifts your spirits and you find yourself walking around smiling and laughing for no reason whatsoever.


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Most people are aware of the ‘Angel of the North’ designed by artist Antony Gormley, which is located in Gateshead in the Northeast of England,

but he also has one of his works here in WA at Lake Ballard.  Now Lake Ballard is 50klms from the town of Menzies which is, well, a long way from anywhere.

The ‘Inside Australia’ exhibition was installed in 2003 as part of the 50th anniversary of the Perth International Arts Festival and the 51 figures which are spread over 10 square kilometers were supposed to have been temporary but they must have liked the place because they just kinda stayed on.     

Why he chose such a remote location is anyones guess, but it a pretty cool spot to spend a day or two.

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