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The afternoon breezers make Shoalwater the perfect place for the Kite Surfers to go through their paces






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The weather of late (at least when I’ve been home) has been pretty ordinary to say the least, cold, windy and wet.  This time a fortnight ago I was in a jumper and had the heater on in the middle of the day, not really the image you usually conjure up when you think of the “Australia summer”.  Thankfully it looks like summer might have finally arrived and yesterday was seriously nice.




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Some amazing photography.

Jody MacDonald

Jody MacDonald


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I was taking photos at Pt Peron when this adventorous soul decided to come inside the wave break and take his chances over the shallow shoals.  The reef in this area is just below the surface and the rocks are incredibly sharp, not the kind of place to make a mistake or misjudge a wave.

He had a couple of  hairy moments but made it through alright.

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V8 Power

For our son’s birthday the family organised for him to play ‘Race Cars’ at the local track.  The speed, the noise, the adrenaline, after several terrifying laps around the course you would have had to hit him in the mouth with a dead fish to get the smile off his face.

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When you think of Ice Skating who doesn’t immediately think of Western Australia.  Well me for one.  But apparently every winter they put up a rink in Fremantle, so last week we went down to have a look.  Now coming from tropical Queensland the ice is not my natural environment but it was a blast watching the kids sliding and bouncing their way around.

The rink was packed so getting a good photo was neigh on impossible, you’d see the shot and by the time the shutter was pressed someones head was in the way.  Even at an ISO of 1000 it was too dark to capture the action, so if you can’t beat em join em.  I opted for a slower shutter speed and panning to blur the action.  It took a bit of playing around to get the right shutter speed to achieve the effect I wanted.  Anything more than 1 sec and there was too much blur, any less than 1/4sec and there wasn’t enough.  To get this shot I had to wait until the end of the session when everyone was being ushered off the ice.  I took a couple of hundred photos (thanks be to digital) and this was one of only three that I was remotely happy with.

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I’ve never actually seen them catch anything, but if you have to not catch anything somewhere, this is as nice a spot as any.

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