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 I love the way photography can inspire you to do great things. I took this shot one evening while out strolling by myself. When I reviewed it on the camera’s LCD I thought how nice it would be, to be sitting quietly in some far away land, under the trees by a quayside on a warm summer evening with a nice wine watching the evening unfold.


Then I thought ooh, ooh, hang on a minute that’s me, I’m there. So I legged it down the quay and did just that 🙂



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Went for a walk around Point Peron the other afternoon, when the weathers nice it’s great but when the weathers nasty it’s better

_IBT0806 Panorama

_IBT0745 Panorama

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Had storms all day and some really bizarre clouds, even the clouds at sunset looked like an abstract painting

_IBT2500 Panorama


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_DSC8985 Panorama


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