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Ever wondered how Google and others get those amazing 360 degree shots?

The theory’s simple… take a series of overlapping photos and stitch them together. The trouble with taking a bunch of shots is that it takes time… and things tend to move in that time.


Imagine you want to photograph a beach and you take 10 shots to get it all in. In the time it takes you to take the ten shots the clouds, birds and the waves have all moved so nothing lines up properly.


Here’s the answer, a camera with lots of lens that all overlap and all take a photo at exactly the same time. I don’t even want to think how much it costs.



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I took these shots early one morning by setting up the camera on a tripod with a shutter speed f around 3 seconds. The camera doesn’t move in relation to the boat so the boat stays sharp while the rest of the image has a motion blur.



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Not a great shot but I thought it was a good example of the benefits of fill flash. It was taken at the Cube House in Rotterdam late in the afternoon.


I took this shot but it had very little detail in the shadows. I could have increased the exposure but that would have blown out the sky so I popped the on-camera flash


A lot more detail where the shadows had been and still have colour and detail in the sky


After I added some saturation in photoshop.

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Here’s a photo I took the other day, so what’s different about it?


Well here’s a clue, these 2 photos were taken at the same time




Yep, all 3 were taken in the middle of the night, all were 4 minute exposures. After I uploaded it I had to wonder why I dragged myself out in the middle of the night.

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I think as photographers, we take ourselves a little too serious at times and get too tied up in making sure we have the correct focus and the right ISO and that everything is sharp and that the histogram looks good and on and on and on it goes.

Well yesterday I had the opportunity to photography some emergency training and I decided to forget all the rules and just play around and have some fun. It was a “wonder what happens if I do this” kinda’ day.

OK I took a lot of photos and I can’t say I got any real stunners but that wasn’t the point. It was fun and it was nice to shake things up a bit. So next time you get the chance, let your hair down and have some fun 🙂

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Those of you who have been following the blog for a while might remember that nearly a year ago ago I bought a Sony NEX5N as a ‘travel’ camera (https://ianbeattiephotography.wordpress.com/2012/09/15/thoughts-on-the-pocket-rocket/).


Ashamedly I must admit that although I loved the NEX and had the utmost confidence in its ability, until a couple of weeks ago I had clung to the big Nikon DSLR like a toddler to a safety blanket and despite my best efforts I just couldn’t bring myself to leave home without it.

While packing for a short sojourn to Singapore 2 weeks ago I finally manned up and with great trepidation put the Nikon, camera bag and associated gear back in the cupboard. The NEX, 16mm and 50mm lens and a small 6 inch tripod were thrown into my shoulder bag and we were off.

For 5 days I blazed away from early morning to late at night in all kinds of locations and in all types of lighting and was not once disappointed.
What’s more it’s so unobtrusive people either, don’t notice it or just choose to ignore it. Pull out a DSLR in an airport and security is all over you like white on rice, but not once was I given so much as a sideways glace as I roamed around happily snapping away.

And a warning for the purist amongst you, Turn Away Now……… all but a few of the couple of thousand photos I took were taken handheld with the ISO set at ‘auto’ and the camera set on Program mode.

It amazes me that a camera you carry in your pocket can packs that much grunt.


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free_cover_nr_fixedDoesn’t happen too often but for those that are interested Craft and Vision are having a promo and are giving away a free eBook. I’ve just downloaded it and it’s got some interesting articles.


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