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Dubai - General 180

I wanted to like Dubai, I really did.  So many people had told me how amazing it was that I thought it would be a case of love at first sight.  The exotic souks, the fragrant smells, the shopping, an ancient culture intertwined with the ultra-modern world all sounded so enticing.

Dubai - General 061

Dubai - General 192

Unfortunately, to me, it turned out to be like one of those really disappointing ‘must see’ Hollywood Blockbusters.  You’ve heard all the hype, read the reviews, marvelled at its accumulation of accolades and been mesmerised by the glossy trailer all in HD and vivid colour.  You just can’t wait to get there and immerse yourself in it, only to quickly come to the realisation that you would have been better off staying at home and watched a repeat of Lethal Weapon on TV.

Dubai - General 117

Whether it’s the excitement of the buskers along the Strand in London, alfresco dining at some swank café on a Parisian street, the sweet stench of the ‘Coffee’ shops in Amsterdam or the hustle and bustle of the Hawkers markets in the evening at the Marina in Singapore, all cities have their own vibe, a collective energy that sets them apart and distinguishes from all the rest.  And that’s what I found missing in Dubai.  Under its sparkly veneer of ultra-modern shopping centres and high-rises there was….. nothing, a  city of indifference, seemingly devoid of soul, of energy, lacking in enthusiasm, with no sense of purpose where few people smiled and even fewer laughed.

Dubai - General 099

Dubai - Dubai Mall 133

Dubai - General 025

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A final few photos from our cycling adventure through Holland and a mixed bag at that.  A life size version of Noah’s Ark (that actually floats and tours around the country), wild horses, practice bombs from WWII and more ‘out there’ buildings.   I hope we get the opportunity to get back there again someday and explore more of this amazing country.






_EBT5886 Panorama





_EBT5316 Panorama

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_EBT5748 _EBT5694 Panorama _EBT5211 _EBT5230

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My wife doesn’t do hills, not even the little ones



Just because it looks like a driveway and leads into someone’s farm doesn’t mean it’s not the road you’re after. Took us 10kms and the better part of an hour to work that out.



Wet weather gear is a your friend.



Bike path signs aren’t always at eye height or near the bike path, sometime they hide them just to mess with your head



Sometimes the road just aren’t big enough for the two of us



Boats have Right of Way



Waffles, cheers and cream is a perfectly acceptable breakfast



There’s something for everyone on a bike trip. My wife got to watch skilled craftsmen make exquisite Delft pottery while I got to sit in an al fresco cafés and watch the world go by.










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