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A couple of years ago I started toying with the idea of doing an eBook of my favourite photos.  Sounded great in theory but almost immediately the doubts started to creep in, would anyone really be bothered to take the time and effort to download it, were the photos good enough, was I just being self indulgent?

Well last year I decided to put self doubt aside, stop procrastinating just get on with it.

Space to Breath is the result.  A personal collection of memories from some of my favourite places.  I hope you take the time to have a look, but even more so, I hope you enjoy the photos and take inspiration from them.

Space to Breath

Space to Breath 

to download right click and save as  (27mb)


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Dubai - Dubai Mall 002        One thing that can’t be disputed is that Dubai has some amazing shopping centres.

Dubai - Dubai Mall 052

I mean who hasn’t thought at some point “You know what? While I’m down the shops picking up the paper and some bread I wouldn’t mind a spot of skiing or maybe a quick whizz around the ice rink”.

Dubai - Mall of Emirates 006

Dubai - Dubai Mall 016

Or maybe a roam through the aquarium while waiting for the hairdresser.

Dubai - Dubai Mall 077

Dubai - Dubai Mall 065

and who could say no to a life size Predator?  I would so like to sneak him into the kids room in the middle of the night and leave him by their bed.

Dubai - Dubai Mall 056

and if you’re wondering how big they are…. let’s just say big enough to have their own in store taxi service 🙂

Dubai - Dubai Mall 027

Dubai - WAFI Mall 020 Dubai - Dubai Mall 014 Dubai - Dubai Mall 033

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Bali’s Ugliest Dog

_EBT3260 _EBT3261a

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I’m not a big fan of neck straps on cameras as a rule.  They seemed to be genetically programmed to snag on everything and always at the worst possible time.  They flap about in the wind and cause camera shake on long exposures and just generally get in the way!  _EBT4001

My usual preference is to carry my camera in my hand and for this I find a wrist strap more convenient.


However neck straps do have their place, I’d hate to try and lug my 500mm lens around one handed for any length of time and there are plenty of situations when having two fee hands is a bonus if not a necessity.

The trouble is, straps are like lenses, I always seem to be changing them to suit the given situation and taking them off or changing them is not a simple task.  The Nikon straps weave through buckles and loops and then back upon themselves, all very secure, but also time consuming, especially if you have fat fingers and limited dexterity like me.


So recently I struck upon a solution.  I bought a couple of small clips off eBay for a grant total of $4 and attached them to the end of both my neck and wrist straps.  Now changing or removing the straps only takes a couple of seconds.  Wish I’d thought of it years ago.

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Smile of a Sadhu

If you’re interested in portraits check out Joshi Daniel’s work, I find it amazing and very inspirational

Joshi Daniel Photography

smile of a sadhu with chillum during kumbh mela 2010 in haridwar Naga Sadhu | Kumbh Mela | Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India | 2010

Read more: Kumbh Mela | Sadhu

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I’ve seen all the documentaries about how animals can find their offspring in the masses, well when it comes to terns it’s bollocks!!! This guy is a prime example, turned up at the nesting site with a “I’ve got a chick around here somewhere” look on his face, roamed around for an few minutes, couldn’t find his partner or his chick and then flew off. He was back a few minutes later but had no more success than he did the first time 😦 And he wasn’t the only one, I watched one fly around for 20 minutes trying to find his nest.


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