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A couple of years ago I started toying with the idea of doing an eBook of my favourite photos.  Sounded great in theory but almost immediately the doubts started to creep in, would anyone really be bothered to take the time and effort to download it, were the photos good enough, was I just being self indulgent?

Well last year I decided to put self doubt aside, stop procrastinating just get on with it.

Space to Breath is the result.  A personal collection of memories from some of my favourite places.  I hope you take the time to have a look, but even more so, I hope you enjoy the photos and take inspiration from them.

Space to Breath

Space to Breath 

to download right click and save as  (27mb)


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A very pleasant 45.3C degrees at work today, that’s 113F for those non-metric types amongst us.  Even the flies called it a day about lunchtime and went looking for somewhere cooler.  Good news is tomorrows going to be hotter – Joy!

Mt Magnet Gold Fields 114

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_DSC0307Just because your in a car doesn’t mean you have the right of way, at least not according to the emus of Denham in Shark Bay WA.


As far as these guys are concerned it’s a case of “My Road, My Rules”

_IBT3188Oh and the road rules also apply to the beaches


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