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At the turn of the 19th century, the Hill 50 gold mine near Mt Magnet in Western Australia was the dominant mine in the area. It was regarded as a mine which would last forever. Through good times and bad, depressions and boom, its fortunes ebbed and waned. From it decline during the war years it raised itself back up to be Australia’s most profitable mine in the late 1950s.


When Hill 50 closed in 1976, it had produced 1.4 million ounces of gold from 3.6 million tonnes of ore for a value of A$700 million.


The once proud head frame stood silent witness as a procession of new owners tried their fortune.


The years have seen the surrounding landscape torn apart in the relentless quest for gold until only a small island of what once was, remained.


When the moon was full it was sometimes possible to glimpse the phantom miners as they started their shift and hear the strained protests of the old winder as it hauled it’s ghostly ore from the dark recesses below.


Truly a piece of Australian mining history and a testament to the dogged determination and pioneering spirit of those that came before us.

So today……..


    We blew it up!


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That’s for me!!

30 years ago Bert started work in the mines as an apprentice fitter and turner, it was there that he saw his first blast and decided that was for him.

“I’ve been blowin’ sh%t up ever since”

“Does it ever get old?”

“Hasn’t yet” he said with a big broad grin across his suntanned face.  And with that the world erupted with a rippling explosion that you felt in your bones.



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