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One day of gorgeous weather this week and I spent it out exploring the off shore islands.  Sometimes the days just aren’t long enough.










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The wind finally stopped blowing long enough for a paddle over to Penguin Island.  Seems that everyone else had the same idea.






_EBT3753 Panorama

_EBT3772 copy


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 I love the way photography can inspire you to do great things. I took this shot one evening while out strolling by myself. When I reviewed it on the camera’s LCD I thought how nice it would be, to be sitting quietly in some far away land, under the trees by a quayside on a warm summer evening with a nice wine watching the evening unfold.


Then I thought ooh, ooh, hang on a minute that’s me, I’m there. So I legged it down the quay and did just that 🙂


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I thought I’d do a post for our northern hemisphere friends as you head into winter……..just to let you know what you’re missing out on 🙂

_EBT1532 Panorama

_EBT1406 Panorama


_EBT1355a Panorama

_EBT1310 Panorama

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Spent a pleasant couple of hours exploring the Busselton Jetty underwater observatory down near Margaret River in SW Western Australia.  It was hard to tell who was watching who a lot of the time













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Just got back from a trip to Kangaroo Island of South Australia. What an amazing place. Only had 3 days there before we moved on but can’t wait to go back.
Now I just have to find the time to edit all the photos

_DSC1643a Panorama



_DSC1992 Panorama

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_DSC8985 Panorama


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