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A final few photos from our cycling adventure through Holland and a mixed bag at that.  A life size version of Noah’s Ark (that actually floats and tours around the country), wild horses, practice bombs from WWII and more ‘out there’ buildings.   I hope we get the opportunity to get back there again someday and explore more of this amazing country.






_EBT5886 Panorama





_EBT5316 Panorama


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The wind finally stopped blowing long enough for a paddle over to Penguin Island.  Seems that everyone else had the same idea.






_EBT3753 Panorama

_EBT3772 copy


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Photos from an afternoon stroll around the perth CBD a couple of weeks ago





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Amsterdam may have had a sameness about it but the variety of people more than made up for it.

_DSC5699 (2)








_EBT6129 _EBT6162 _EBT6255 _EBT6301 _EBT6307 _EBT6310 _EBT6335

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I thought I’d do a post for our northern hemisphere friends as you head into winter……..just to let you know what you’re missing out on 🙂

_EBT1532 Panorama

_EBT1406 Panorama


_EBT1355a Panorama

_EBT1310 Panorama

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