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Dawn in the beautiful Boranup Karri forest in Margaret River.










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It really had the makings of an ugly morning. Rather than a golden glow creeping up from the horizon to herald the approaching dawn there was nothing but the steely grey gloom of an overcast sky. It had been my intention to call into the old Corona mine on my way to work and photograph some of the ruins at sunrise but it hardly seemed worth the effort today. In fact I very nearly just kept driving, nearly but not quite.

Being the eternal optimist I pulled off the road and grabbed my camera and tripod. If the truth be told, I estimated the chances of getting wet by far outweighed the likelihood of getting a photo.


Standing in the half-light I had pretty much decided that my first instinct about this not being worth the effort was spot on and I turned to start heading back to work. I never finished the turn. The smallest gap appeared between the clouds and the horizon allowing the rays of the yet to rise sun through to wash over the clouds. In a matter of seconds the most amazing light vanquished the gloom and the world was bathed in gold.


Then for the briefest moment the sun crested the horizon and gave direction to the light before the clouds closed ranks and the world was once again plunged into a heavy gloom.


This whole amazing light show came and went in just over 60 seconds and I only managed to shoot off 7 frames.  But how easy would it have been to have kept going and missed the whole thing.

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