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Dawn in the beautiful Boranup Karri forest in Margaret River.










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Went for a walk around Point Peron the other afternoon, when the weathers nice it’s great but when the weathers nasty it’s better

_IBT0806 Panorama

_IBT0745 Panorama

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It was supposed to be cloudy. It was supposed to be windy. Instead it was simply stunning.

The beach was empty and soul restoringly peaceful with only the hushed wash of the waves over the sand to break the silence as the last rays of the setting sun cast the most marvellous hues over the water.

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder of just how wonderful the world really is.






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Just got back from a trip to Kangaroo Island of South Australia. What an amazing place. Only had 3 days there before we moved on but can’t wait to go back.
Now I just have to find the time to edit all the photos

_DSC1643a Panorama



_DSC1992 Panorama

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Had storms all day and some really bizarre clouds, even the clouds at sunset looked like an abstract painting

_IBT2500 Panorama


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I never set out to start my ‘Rust Bucket’ project, just started photographing a couple of the old wrecks around where I work. Then workmates started telling me about other wrecks they had come across and suddenly I had the start of a collection and an ongoing project to keep me entertained. With the amount of wrecks about it may take a while.
_IBT1128_8-2_9_fused a




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_DSC8985 Panorama


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